Projects for 2018
This year in Illinois, there were 29,775 proven reports of  abuse/neglect.  4,623 children were taken into protective custody.  16,779 children in Illinois are in the child welfare system.  

Many children are taken into foster care with nothing but the clothes on their back.   Many children in foster care are moved repeatedly and need ways to move their belongings.

How can we help?  By donating items such as:
Duffle Bags / Laundry Bags / Backpacks / Suitcases / Toiletries / Underclothes / Socks     

For more information or answers to questions please email committee chair Sister Becky Barker at

The Reaching Out to Our Communities initiative provides a way for Eastern Star Chapters to make a real positive difference in the local community, while at the same time gaining positive publicity for the Chapter and our Order.  

Under committee chair Sister Megan Montgomery, our focus this year will be on reading.   Reading is fundamental!  That's why we will be collecting books for Kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms. Our goal is to help Illinois children develop the important skill of reading. All books collected will remain in your community to help local students!
Membership is a PRIORITY, and Sister Janet wants to know
when your Chapter receives a new petition AND when it
initiates a candidate! Worthy Matrons and Worthy
Patrons, call this number any time between 8 a.m. and 11
p.m. each day (noon – 11 p.m. on Sundays) to share the
good news! Sister Janet will do her best to personally
answer all calls. Provide the name and address of your
candidate, and they will receive a personal letter from our
Worthy Grand Matron upon their initiation!  News of your membership efforts  will also be shared – during Official Visits and other events, 
and on Facebook.
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